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What to text a girl online?

Now most of the dating takes place on social networks and on dating sites. But you can endlessly like publications and even comment on photos, but not daring to write in person. This is due to self-doubt, fear of being rejected. And while you decide to take the first step, someone is already writing to her and inviting her on a date. Therefore, take the initiative in your own hands and open private messages, and we will help you pick up phrases that will definitely not go unnoticed.

How to start dating?

What to text a girl online?

You can be witty and funny, but if your profile is full of chaos, don't wait. This is how girls are arranged - they will not agree to a meeting if they are not sure that you are “normal”. And the information in the questionnaire helps to partially verify this. Therefore, the first thing to start with is to put your profile in order. Add a real, high-quality photo (several is better), fill in information about the name, age, city of residence, purpose of acquaintance, hobbies. The more information in the profile, the higher the probability of meeting an interesting girl who needs a relationship.

When everything is filled, pay attention to the paid services. They are very useful for those who are looking for a serious relationship, and not just for fun. Thanks to paid services, you can make your search more accurate, get a set of emoticons and stickers, be among the first to know when new users are added that suit you, and many other useful features. Moreover, when a girl sees that you are buying additional services, she will believe in your serious intentions.

What is the probability of writing first?

What is the probability of writing first?

On the dating site you will find a huge number of profiles. Which one to choose is up to you, but if you have little experience with girls, then give preference to new users. But consider the fact that immediately after registration, dozens of dating offers are pouring in, so there is a chance that your message has gone unnoticed in the general mass. It is worth noting 2-3 days and writing - during this time the flow of messages from hackers will subside, then they will be read less selectively.

Most importantly, forget the platitudes. Do not write "let's get acquainted" or "can I get acquainted?". These phrases are so outdated that they do not want to answer. Likewise: "Hi", "Hi, how are you?" and, perhaps. Such messages are uninteresting, girls react little to them, except perhaps out of boredom.

Be aware that there are many fake profiles on the sites. They pursue the goals of fraud, entertainment. Immediately cut out profiles where there are different people in the photos, or the information does not match the collection. Blank profiles also often hide scammers, pimps, and just plain perverts. But it happens that the girl is modest, and therefore is not photographed. In this case, it will be well filled. If it is written correctly and realistically, then it is worth a try.

How to communicate with girls online?

How to communicate with girls on the Internet?

Pursuing the goal of meeting for a serious relationship, carefully choose topics for communication and phrases. Just one word is enough to offend and alienate the interlocutor. To prevent this from happening, remember the following:

  • ✅ Look for common interests. Her profile will help you with this. Read what the girl likes and what she enjoys. Perhaps you like one author of books, or you travel in one country. Look for something to cling to get her attention. But don't lie about your hobbies - she will surely figure it out quickly, and you will find yourself in an uncomfortable situation. Being different is not bad, there is always the opportunity to get carried away with something new.
  • ❌ Don't talk about intimacy. There should not even be a hint of sex in the correspondence (including “I like girls with a third breast size”). Maintain the integrity of the relationship - for the beautiful half, they count on long-term relationships, this is very important.
  • ❌ Don't talk about your ex. In general, try not to touch on the topic of relationships. And most importantly, do not insult your ex-girlfriends. Many women take such insults personally, so they try not to mess with such men. Be neutral - don't talk about past relationships, either good or bad. Show that these stories are far behind, you live in the present and are interested in new acquaintances.
  • ❌ Don't talk about talking to other girls. Let it be the one and only, even if you communicate simultaneously with several other users of the dating site.
  • ✅ Be honest. By adding zeros to your salary and inches to your height, you start a relationship with a lie. When this is revealed, the girl will be extremely disappointed. Even if you have many shortcomings, look for someone who will become a real companion for you, and not a fictitious one.
  • ✅ Be persistent. But try not to bother, save a little intrigue (for example, disappear from the network for half a day). If a girl refuses to meet, do not insist. Write that you will be back. And reappear a few days later with a question like: “Have you changed your mind or should I come again?”.
  • ✅ Write correctly. If you have problems with this, then check spelling in a Word text editor or through specialized services. And vice versa - if you write correctly, and the interlocutor makes mistakes, do not correct her.

Find the right approach, even if you have to spend a lot of time on it. If the girl is worth it, then your efforts will be rewarded with a long, warm relationship.

What phrases can be written to interest a girl?

What phrases can be written to interest a girl?

Communication should begin with a beautiful, funny and original phrase that will not leave the girl indifferent. Do not be like everyone else, leave banal greetings. Write the following phrase:

  • ✅ Hello! Imagine my cat (dog, hamster) accidentally opened your profile. He liked you, and we have the same tastes as him.
  • ✅ Hello! I see we have many mutual friends. And friends of my friends are my friends. Let's be friends?
  • ✅ You look at me so intently from the profile picture that I could not resist and decided to write to you.
  • ✅ Can you help me? What phrase should be written to a pretty girl so that she answers exactly?
  • ✅ Finally I found who I registered for on this site!
  • ✅ You are so beautiful that I want to go to you. I don't mind?
  • ✅ Tell me how to impress you
  • ✅ If you were a guy and would like to meet a girl, what would you write to her?
  • ✅ Help! I really liked the girl, but I don't know what to write to her!
  • ✅ Excuse me, but what do you do for the rest of your life?
  • ✅ Girl, you look so much like my first wife, whom I have never seen!
  • ✅ I said in advance that there are no perfect people, but then I met you ...
  • ✅ I won't take long, I just wanted to ask for your name and phone number.
  • ✅ I don’t know how to communicate on the Internet at all, can you teach me?
  • ✅ I always tried to meet an interesting and beautiful girl, but then I found your profile! Dreams Come True!
  • ✅ You are here, which means I have a chance to win your heart! Can I start right now?
  • ✅ If your partner's position is still open, can I send my CV?
  • ✅ So, it was your extraordinary beauty that the poets of the Silver Age described? I fully agree with them.
  • ✅ To be honest, I don't know how to say beautiful phrases and I don't know how to get acquainted with them on the Internet. Let's get acquainted?
  • ✅ Do you know what I look like as an artist? We both love beauty, so I couldn't pass it up.

Considering that you have written a beautiful phrase, you need to continue to match it. If the second sentence is already mundane, boring and insignificant, then consider that a good first impression was made in vain. Try to turn the conversation in such a direction, as if you have not just met, but have known each other for a long time. For example, if the conversation turned to literature, and the girl gladly supported the conversation, then develop this topic. If necessary, quickly look for the information you need on the Internet so that she does not suspect. In the future, when communication becomes constant, and you realize that the interlocutor likes you, you can admit that you don’t understand anything in literature, but you wanted to impress the girl so much that in five minutes you learned more than they teach. at school. Turn this situation into a joke and promise that for the sake of it you will start reading the classics, because it turned out to be such an interesting activity.

Improvise, act and discard constraints - and then you will definitely succeed.

What phrases should not start dating?

You should not start a conversation with the following phrases:

  • ❌ Hello/Good afternoon/Good evening/Good day/Hello and other greetings without further.
  • ❌ What a beautiful girl! It's trite and boring.
  • ❌ Let's get to know each other / Can we get to know each other / Do you mind getting to know each other? Even more banal.
  • ❌ Hello! How are you? After this phrase, you should expect only the standard answer “fine”, it will be difficult to continue communication, the girl will immediately become bored.
  • ❌ Girl, does your mom need a son-in-law? The phrase that was popular in the zero years is not relevant now.
  • ❌ My mother told me that you are very suitable for me, and I trust her. In correspondence, touching on the topic of parents can be extremely cautious. Firstly, there is a risk of becoming a "mother's boy" in the eyes of a girl, secondly, she may have a principle not to get acquainted with guys who have not gained independence by adulthood, and thirdly, she may not have parents, so the mention mother will be perceived painfully.

Before you start a correspondence, think about how you yourself would react to such a message. If possible, consult with your sister, classmate, friend.

The girl answered - what to do next?

The girl answered - what to do next?

If you were answered, and you met a girl, then do not miss the chance. Keep talking, but don't drag it out too long. Usually 2-3 days are enough to move on to meeting offers. But don't insist too much if the girl is against it. Give her the opportunity to get to know you more and take the initiative to meet you. If she does not offer to meet, then offer again.

The main rule - be yourself, do not try to jump above your head to please a girl. When in real life she realizes that you are not the way you imagined yourself, she will be very disappointed.

Communicate easily, joke about the topic, sometimes be persistent, but do not push. Girls like confident men, but not arrogant. Study the interlocutor, look in correspondence for what you can catch on to attract her attention. For example, if she casually said that she liked the novel by Paulo Coelho, do not be lazy, buy it too and read it. And then ask if she could recommend another book. Your attentiveness and similarity in tastes will certainly please her.

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