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Dating site scammers

Dating site scammers

You can fall for the tricks of scammers on any Internet resource, including dating sites. Here, users are waiting for fake profiles, requests to send money, job offers in an escort under the guise of dating. In order not to be deceived, you need to learn how to recognize scammers on dating sites.

Target audience of scammers

Target audience of scammers

Fraudsters find their potential victims using questionnaires. They consider single candidates looking for a permanent serious relationship. They are not interested in men and women who register for the purpose of a one-time intimate meeting. Although this contingent of users includes individuals who use certain methods of "divorce".

A suitable candidate can be seen from the photos and descriptions in the profile. The ideal victim is shy, modest, poorly versed in fashion. Age, gender, nationality and sexual orientation do not matter - scammers can adapt to any parameters.

The ideal victim looks like this:

  • ✔ 24-30 years old, not in a relationship;
  • ✔ there was no serious relationship or experienced a painful divorce/separation;
  • ✔ no friends, little support from loved ones;
  • ✔ plain appearance, modest wardrobe.

In the process of communication, scammers find out how gullible the chosen candidate is. But, as you can understand from the reviews, they are trying to deceive everyone, even those who do not willingly agree to communicate.

Signs of scammers

Signs of scammers

You can identify a scammer by several signs:

  • 🔔 Specific profile. Professional scammers know how to approach every woman. But it is important to do so in order to be attractive to your potential victims. To do this, photos of beautiful, brutal men are uploaded to the profile. They are slim, muscular, well-dressed. There are usually few photos, they are all the same type, taken by a professional photographer. On some you can see watermarks with the name of the site from which they were downloaded.
  • 🔔 Nationality and residence. Most often, scammers say that they live in another country. Of the nationalities, Arabs, Turks, Americans predominate.
  • 🔔 Rapid expression of feelings. One of the typical signs of a scammer is a quick display of feelings. They do not waste time talking, but immediately talk about their serious intentions, that the girl really liked it, etc. The words seem sincere, although they are more impersonal, suitable for everyone (for example, you have such beautiful eyes). Fraudsters send such compliments to all the girls with whom they communicate, without even looking at the profile.
  • 🔔 Constant excuses from meetings. Offers for a personal meeting are usually ignored, or there are reasons why the interlocutor cannot come. It can be a banal "once" due to work, or something very existence like a serious illness or participation in hostilities. The reasons for refusing to meet can serve as a basis for extorting money from your victim (for example, to buy a plane ticket).
  • 🔔 Unwillingness to communicate via videoconference. When communicating with scammers, you can understand the frivolity of intentions by refusing to communicate via video. The reasons are different - from a broken camera and poor communication to fictional stories.
  • 🔔 Request for financial assistance. It will not appear immediately, but financial topics will be touched upon constantly. The format is different: “my business is on the verge of collapse”, “I risk losing all my property”, “big expenses are coming soon”, etc. As soon as it comes to money, it is better to immediately refuse to communicate. A real man will never complain about his problems, especially to an unfamiliar girl whom he wants to please.

There may be other signs of a fraud attempt - the same type of phrases, repeated questions. On a dating site, such “personalities” communicate with several candidates for the role of a victim at once. Therefore, the same type, generalized phrases are sent in messages. If a team of scammers is working, then several people can communicate with one girl at once, so the information varies, and what the interlocutor said is forgotten.

How do scammers operate?

How do scammers operate

Fraudsters have many ways to deceive gullible girls (sometimes men). The goals are different - from extorting money to more serious ones related to personal integrity. Fraud schemes are constantly changing as they become public and known.

Here are the most popular scams:

  • 🔔 For the treatment of a relative. The most popular scheme. The scammer writes that he has a close relative (usually a child or a parent) who is seriously ill. As confirmation, photographs of the unfortunate person and even pages from the website of the charitable foundation are sent. He claims that he has already invested all the money, but he urgently needs a certain amount for the operation. He promises to return the money soon, because a deal is planned to sell something.
  • 🔔 Need help. The second most popular divorce, which consists in extorting money for personal needs. Moreover, the situation seems real and really serious - I got into an accident and needed to pay off, the police planted drugs and demanded a bribe, the partner threw money and the business was on the verge of ruin. A large amount is always needed, but the scammer asks for help to contribute at least a part.
  • 🔔 SMS to a short number. The fan writes that he is in a military hotspot or in the mountains, where messages can only reach a special number. He leaves it "just in case", and then periodically disappears, forcing the woman to worry and use this number. After sending the message, all money is debited from the mobile phone number.
  • 🔔 Buying a ticket. The interlocutor writes about his desire to come to his beloved, but temporarily cannot afford it. He finds out the cost of the ticket and begins to put pressure on pity. A woman wants to meet such an extraordinary man, so she sends him money for a ticket. After that, the scammer disappears, respectively.
  • 🔔 Payment of duty. A fan wants to send a gift, but at customs you need to pay a state duty. To do this, he sends details. After that, the woman pays the fee, and the admirer disappears.

It would seem that these schemes have long been known to everyone, and it is difficult to fall for such a divorce. But the dating site collects many women, among whom many are tired of being alone or looking for an easy life. Many have children, which scammers especially like to put pressure on. They are excellent psychologists, I know which lever to press so that the interlocutors believe them. Photos, documents are sent as confirmation of their honesty, and especially cunning people communicate via video link and show their “disabled” child. Plus, they promise to return everything and even with interest, and then come for their beloved, take her to their place for a long and happy life together. Inspired by such plans, the woman is ready to “invest” in her carefree future, because her admirer is a real rich man.

How to check the interlocutor for honesty?

How to check the interlocutor for honesty?

If there are doubts about the honesty of a man who wants to become a life partner, then you should check him out.

How to do it:

  • Ask for his/her profiles on other dating sites or social media If there is, then let him give the profile data. In this case, the scammer is easy to recognize - he evades the answer, or denies the existence of profiles in social networks, and can also provide false information.
  • Ask some leading questions. In most cases, scammers provide false information about themselves. To verify this, you need to go to the profile, read the information, and then ask leading questions regarding family and work. A man with serious intentions will calmly answer questions, in other cases, ignoring, a vague answer, or a series of compliments will follow.
  • Check the photo. In most cases, photos of models, successful rich people are used for effective dating. Most often they are taken from free stocks on the Internet. It is easy to check the authenticity - just search through any search engine by uploading a screen photo. The system will display all matches, which will allow you to verify your guesses.
  • Look at the way he/she communicate. Most scammers write messages like a carbon copy. And they are not distinguished by sincerity, and compliments are limited to duty phrases and words like “sweet, beautiful, dear.”

After making sure that the messages are written by a scammer, you should immediately stop communicating, blacklist the interlocutor and inform the site support service. The service administration will conduct its own investigation and delete the scammer's profile if this fact is confirmed.

Security and dating sites: how to communicate without fear?

how to communicate without fear?

To ensure that acquaintance does not turn into trouble, you need to use such sites carefully, observing a number of simple rules:

  • Always be vigilant, even at the sight of a beautiful photo and a decent profile. Do not forget that creating a fake profile is very easy, just like uploading someone else's photo.
  • Сheck person through the Internet, with whom you communicate. To do this, just enter the last name and first name of the boyfriend into the search engine. You should also check the photo.
  • Don't send intimate photos to strangers. This may be a reason for blackmail, or the pictures will be sold to sex services sites.
  • Don't give in to plaintive calls for help to sick children and adults. If you want to help, you should contact a charitable organization. In any case, all incoming information must be carefully filtered, trusting only verified data.
  • Don't send money to strangers, even in debt. Also, you should not transfer bank card data, codes from SMS messages.

There are a lot of scams on the internet. You can run into scammers everywhere, even where people are looking for their soul mates. By remaining vigilant and not losing your head over beautiful words, you can save yourself from unpleasant situations.

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